Wide Voltage Input

• High efficiency DC-DC Power Supply
• Wide input voltage range
• Output over-current protection
• Simple to install
• RoHS Compliant
• No minimum load required

IRT-40 IRT-40  Wide Voltage Input

IRT-WP12-48 IRT-WP12-48  Wide Voltage Input

DD-WP2412-175 DD-WP2412-175  Wide Voltage Input

IRT-WP12 IRT-WP12  Wide Voltage Input

DD-WP12-80 DD-WP12-80  Wide Voltage Input

DD-WP19-80 DD-WP19-80  Wide Voltage Input

DD-WP12AX-220 DD-WP12AX-220   Wide Voltage Input
  • Input : 18~28V DC

  • Dimensions : 154mm x 55mm x 25.6mm

  • Operation Temperature : 0 deg.C to 50 °C

  • Operation Humidity : 10% ~ 90% non-condensing

  • Total Output (Max.) : Max. Total Output 220W

  • Output Mode : ATX mode

    DD-IRTDB DD-IRTDB  Wide Voltage Input

    GAP-P210 GAP-P210  Wide Voltage Input

    GAP-P120 GAP-P120  Wide Voltage Input