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2018/01/20~2018/01/26 Winmate Weekly Product Change Lists

New Release:

No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Military R15L600-MLC3FP 2018/01/22-New Release
2 Military R17L100-MLA1FP 2018/01/22-New Release
3 Military R19L100-MLA1FP 2018/01/22-New Release
4 Military W24L100-MLA2FP 2018/01/22-New Release
5 Military W32L100-MLA3FP 2018/01/22-New Release
6 Military W27L100-MLA3FP/FG-4K 2018/01/22-New Release
7 Military W32L100-MLA1FP/FG-4K 2018/01/22-New Release


No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Panel PC R15IB7T-RKC3 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
2 Panel PC R17IB7T-RKM1 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
3 Panel PC R19IB7T-RKM1 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
4 Panel PC R10IB3S-PPT2 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
5 Panel PC R15IB7T-PPC3 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
6 Panel PC W15IB7T-PPA4 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
7 Panel PC R19IB7T-PPM1 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
8 Panel PC W22IB7T-PPA3 2018/01/22-Modification:New release
9 Panel PC W07IB3S-POT1 2018/01/24-Modification:Revise specifications to IB32
10 Panel PC W10IB3S-POA1 2018/01/24-Modification:Revise specifications to IB32
11 Panel PC R15IB3S-POC3 2018/01/24-Modification:Revise specifications to IB32
12 Panel PC W22IB3S-POA3 2018/01/24-Modification:Revise specifications to IB32

Off Shelves:

No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Industrial Displays W07T700-OFA2 2018/01/24-Remove from the website
2 Industrial Displays W07T700-CHA2 2018/01/24-Remove from the website
3 Industrial Displays W07L100-MSO1 2018/01/23-Remove from the website
4 Industrial Displays W10L100-MSH1 2018/01/23-Remove from the website
5 Industrial Displays R12L100-MSM2 2018/01/23-Remove from the website