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HMI - Panel PC Successful Stories

Providing reliable rugged HMI kiosk solution to one of America’s largest transport company
Access Control

As a Class I railroad operator began to create an app to streamline the freight pickup process for the drivers of its partner trucking companies, an automated kiosk station solution was needed. The kiosk needed to be weatherproof, house a rugged panel that could operate 24/7 in direct sunlight or cold wintery storm, a panel... (...more)

Successful story
Building Automation

Create an access control solution in an apartment to control the room, see the guest information and other ; The PPC is installed in the store US national wide to be the self service and hospitality in store ; Room management system, booking status control and scheduling planning. (...more)

Successful story
Machine Controller

10.1" S-Series HMI was especially configured to be installed as a machine controller in a high-speed weighting and filling machine for fruit processing line. (...more)