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Railway Successful Stories

Railway (Work Order)


The M101B Tablet PC will replace the traditional cumbersome, paper-based train operations keeping the trains running safely and efficiently without the risk of human error. The Winmate's tablet contains information such as timetable, train order, railroads operating manual or operating rulebook, and other information required by the conductor.

Railway (Train Passengers)


  • Provide the 19" Open Frame LCD for passenger.
  • Provide the 8" Chassis LCD for driver.
  • Provide the 10.1" Chassis LCD in control room.

Main Challenges

  • Passed the vibration test.
  • Special Isolation Power.
  • Signage and train route Map.

Why Winmate?

  • All in one concept to reduce cost on installation and cabling.
  • Technology wise:
    • Touch technology.
    • Industrial grade monitor experience.
    • Wide Operating Temperature LCD.
    • Optical Bonding.
  • Easy operation toward world wide network.
  • Give the customer suggestion for the right products.

Railway (Simulator)


  • Train Simulator.

Main Deliveries

  • R15IV7T-OF3 (15" open frame Panel PC)
  • R12IV7T-OFL1 (12.1" open frame Panel PC)
  • R12L600-OFM2 (12.1" open frame Display)