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Digital Signage Successful Stories

Successful story
Pharmacies in Greece

The Pharmacies in Greece are upgrading with Digital Signage to fight against the slow economy. A professional solution provider for Digital Signage in Pharmacies has established a network of over 200 Pharmacies in Greece, known as Pharmacies.TV. As Winmate’s exclusive local Partner for this niche market product,Pharmacies.TV has become the market leader for this solution. (Dec. 26, 2008) (...more)

Successful story
Digital Menu Boards

Canadian companies using 32" and 42" Media Players for Digital Menu Boards. Dozens of 32" and 42" Media Players has been installed over the past year. Most locations have been food courts in shopping centers, restaurants and cafeterias. Now their clients menu is shown on big screens along with animation and product information (Apr 21, 2008) (...more)

Successful story
Do-It-Yourself Mega Store

Eastern Europe, 2 DIY mega stores get Digital Signage for pilot-run. The first pilot-run with 7 Players in 2 stores went smooth. Each Player controls a group of 42” plasma Screens. Winmate’s MSS-300 Network Player with only 5 Watt Power consumption and expected lifetime of around 10 Years. (Apr 7, 2008) (...more)

Successful story

Latin America, 19" Portrait “Infotainment“ on board of Subway. The use of Digital Signage in the Subway started this January as a Multimedia Wireless Subway Interactive On Board Information and Entertaiment System. (Feb 25, 2008) (...more)

Successful story
Cell phone retailer

South Africa, 32" Chassis W / MSS300 Build-in. The use of Digital Signage in cell phone retailer is revolutionising the in-store experience. And helps to increase the total Sales. (Feb 21, 2008) (...more)

Successful story
Public Bus

South America, MSS300, SDKAPI. The use of Digital Signage in public Busses is getting a very successful channel for advertising. (Jan 14, 2008) (...more)