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Medical Successful Stories


In hospital operations, accurate and timely communication is imperative, and technology has long played a significant role in streamlining this effort. Until recently, this technology has been cumbersome and at times unreliable. New tablet PCs, however, are streamlining communications and operations in the medical field, enabling real-time data transfer and making it more accessible – particularly important in emergency medical scenarios.

Medical - Ambulance

Winmate's rugged tablet can be securely mounted inside an ambulance with a customized vehicle dock, providing ambulance route navigation and updated information from the main control center. Upon arrival at the hospital, our rugged tablet pc can be quickly dismounted from the vehicle dock to assist in transferring patient information and make the transition period quicker and smoother. These devices are capable of running Windows, and come with GPS and 3G, providing extensive communications and positioning in a tough and portable device.

It is a critical task to transfer patients to the hospital; each action requiring precise decision making and timing. Winmate's Tablet PC helps to provide better communication between the main control room and medical staff, eliminating the traditional way of using magnetic status boards which could only be seen by a few staff and constantly needed updating. Integrated GPS allows efficient tracking and dispatching of Ambulances, since real-time communication and data transfer between drivers and Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) is vital to maximizing ambulance operational efficiencies and patient safety. Detailed information about route optimization and pick up locations on the tablet allows the driver to focus on the road instead of administrative or manual tasks.

Product Offerings

M700DM8-ME M133W-ME M101BL-ME

Medical – Operating Room

Digital images viewed on one display station should look the same when viewed on another station. This has found to be difficult with inconsistent low level calibrated HD monitors. Adding to the difficulties are the broad categories of patient images used in medical practices; radiology images, motion video or still video images used in endoscopy, surgical, ophthalmology. Radiology images and medical video images have different performance, color calibration and details clarity requirements. Unfortunately, most HD monitors in the market, don't provide the highest clarity and color accuracy desired. The latest 4K medical monitors from Winmate are solving this problem with the highest quality imaging and state-of-the-art technology. This facilitates an ideal situation for health care professionals. Peace of mind, knowing that their equipment is of the highest clarity and color accuracy, allows them to focus on providing patients with better care, manage other resources to optimize their operations – allowing them to reduce costs and liability.

Product Offerings


Medical – Nurse

Hospital in China was aiming to replace pen / paper recording procedure to reduce error. This hospital needs Barcode technology that can be used for rapid and reliable identification of caregiver and patient or medication tracking purpose. These PDAs are designed for use in various healthcare and hospital environments where they have easy-to-carry form factor with data capture  capability, making these devices preferable to stationary computers or notebooks.

Winmate Value and Differentiation

  • Winmate Industrial PDA IP65 protection that can withstand the harsh environment
  • Designed to handle drops, shocks, vibration
  • Equipped with high performance 1D laser barcode scanner
  • General SDK (to capture data) and Advance SDK (to setting / trigger data) will be provided by Winmate for software developers
  • Winmate's flexibility allows user to customize their own software to suit their needs
  • Fast and efficient customization services to meet customer requirements
  • Lightweight form factor allows workers to scan over longer periods of time with comfort and that improves efficiency

Product Offerings

E430RM4L-ME E500RM8-ME M700DM8-ME