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Oil and Gas Successful Stories

Oil and Gas

Oil rigs and remote pipeline locations are some of the most dangerous and challenging work environments anywhere. Because the conditions are risky for both personnel and equipment, reliable and accurate monitoring is crucial to maintaining safe operations. Computers at these working locations must also maintain detailed data on, for example, petroleum exploration and transportation. To meet the safety qualification, Winmate offers ATEX and Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified solutions for maintaining safe operations and collecting detailed, sensitive data in remote rig and pipeline locations.

Advance System Monitoring

Winmate designed its line of stainless panel PCs in response to the need for panel PC equipment that could withstand environments where flammable substances may be present. With this need in mind, Winmate's developed the 15-inch R15ID3S-65FTE-EX and 19-inch R19IHAT-67FTE-EX, both certified for use in hazardous environments where explosive gases may be present – specifically in Class 1 Division 2, Groups A-D (i.e. acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, and propane) classified areas. In addition, Winmate's rugged PCs can withstand surface temperatures of up to 275o Farenheit (135o Celcius). For European customers, the device meets requirements for ATEX Gas zone 2 classified areas.

Assets Identification and Tracking

In hazardous locations, the ability to track assets through the full inspection cycle is crucial. Oil and gas work sites are complex ecosystems that require high-efficiency technology like barcode or UHF RFID to keep operations running smoothly. Technology helps teams in these locations permanently tag assets with serial numbers, part numbers, date codes, and barcodes. Consistent data logs ensure safety and security, while helping workers manage warranty concerns and regulatory requirements.

Product Offerings

Aluminum panel PC
Stainless Steel panel PC
DIN Rail Box PC